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Blackjack Double Exposure NetEnt

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Blackjack Double Exposure NetEnt Review

Online blackjack introduces a whole variety of new gaming opportunities as game developers find new rules and features from around the world. The Blackjack Double Exposure NetEnt is a great example as it introduces the ability to see both dealer cards before the end of the game. Of course, this as a major advantage, allowing you to see exactly what the house cards consist of before making a move. There are a few small changes to this variation of the game. But NetEnt ensures you still get the best experience and winning opportunities that pay even money for all winning hands, including Blackjack.

With these great advantages, you can expect to see a major increase in the return to player percentage. As some of you might know, the standard blackjack game already delivers great reward opportunities. But it simply does not match with the Blackjack Double Exposure NetEnt with an RTP of 99.33%.

Blackjack Double Exposure – Special Features

As you would know, blackjack does not include any special features such as wild cards or jokers. Instead, the goal is to reach a higher hand total than the dealer. But without exceeding a total of 21. This certainly as an interesting aspect to the game, especially since you would have the advantage of seeing both dealer cards before playing. You also can play up to 3 hands per round, adding yet another interesting addition to the experience.

Winning Values

Those of you who are experienced blackjack players would know that the normal game usually rewards 3:2 for a natural blackjack hand. However, since you have the advantage of seeing both dealer cards, the house has to change some of the payouts to balance out the RTP. Therefore, you can expect to activate even money payouts with every hand, including a natural blackjack.

How to Play

To play the Blackjack Double Exposure NetEnt, all you need is to understand the basics. Of course, you do not want to exceed 21. And you always want to try and beat the dealer. To get started, place a chip in one or more of the card lined betting boxes and press deal.

The dealer will now provide two cards to each active hand and add two face-up cards for the house. Therefore, you will be able to see the house total before making any moves. This makes it much easier to determine whether you need to stand, hit, split or double down.

Once you have played your hand, the cards are assessed and payouts are granted where due. The winnings are added straight to your account, making it easy to double up for the next round as you would see in our Blackjack Double Exposure NetEnt free game.

Betting in the Blackjack Double Exposure NetEnt

Betting options are so much easier in table games in comparison to online slots. You simply need to choose a betting value, place it on the table and begin the next round. This variation of blackjack does not include any side betting options. But you do have the ability to wager on three hands with either the same values or different values. The table limits range from 1.00 to 40.00 per hand. You also have the opportunity to stack chips and reach a specific value, making it easy to apply those popular strategies.

Play the Blackjack Double Exposure Free Game

There is simply no better way to get to know a new game than playing it for free. We offer the Blackjack Double Exposure NetEnt free game right here without the need of downloading any software. Simply wait for it to load and get to enjoy the real money variation. This includes all the payouts, features and return to player percentage. Of course, winnings are also fun money. But you can join one of our top NetEnt casinos and take advantage of the real money game.

NetEnt delivers a wide variety of high-quality 3D animated table games. Not only can you enjoy the standard variations such as European Roulette and Casino Hold’em, or even progressive jackpot games such as Caribbean Stud Poker.

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