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Baccarat NetEnt Review

Baccarat NetEnt, the well-known high roller table game becomes an instant hit among online players, especially with the high-quality game features of NetEnt. The game offers a straightforward interface with only the necessary betting options in view. This includes tie, banker and player, making it easy to claim winnings while enjoying the HD gaming features from the award-winning developer.

NetEnt Baccarat follows the basic rules of the game, including a 5% commission on bank winnings. You will also find accurate return to player percentages. This includes a house edge of just 1.24% of player hand, 1.06% on banker hands and a total of 14.44% on the tie bet.

Baccarat NetEnt– How to Play

If there has ever been a variation of Baccarat that’s easy to learn, it has to be the NetEnt game. Here at GambleRewards, we make it possible to play Baccarat free and take all the time you need to learn. With NetEnt, it’s really easy as they offer a simplistic interface and betting values sure to meet everyone’s desires.

To begin, decide on a betting position, which could include banker, player or the riskier (but more rewarding) tie bet. Even if you have no idea about playing Baccarat, NetEnt does it all for you, including dealing the cards, payouts and all the rest. However, to make the game more entertaining, it is well worth understanding the rules and features.

Though it might seem complicated, Baccarat NetEnt is easy and one of the most simplistic casino games. Each hand begins with two cards for player and banker, which are evaluated before additional moves. There are no double digits in Baccarat, instead the single digit value is used. So, if the player has a 10 and a 6, it won’t 16, but just 6. If the banker’s hand has a 9 and 4, it’s not 13, but 3.

It gets a bit more complicated when it comes to adding another card to either hand as different rules apply to each hand. However, the aim of the game is to get a score of at least 7 with the hand you’re wagering on. Anything higher gives you the advantage of an incredibly strong hand and a likely win. In fact, if you have a total of seven, eight or nine within the first two cards, the game stops right there, and the hand will be the winner.

The most important thing to remember about Baccarat NetEnt is that the “player” and “banker” sections are purely labels and don’t actually have anything to do with you as a player. You have the option to wager on either side and enjoy the same benefits and rewards (other than the 5% commission on Banker wins).

Baccarat NetEnt Betting Values

Betting options appear at the bottom right of the screen in the shape of casino chips. These begin from as little as 1.00 and range up to 50.00 per chip. The game includes table limits from 1.00 and up to a maximum of 100.00.

Baccarat Free Play

The Baccarat free play option is a great choice for everyone. Not only can professionals use Baccarat free to work on strategies, but beginners can learn how the game works and the rewards available. The Baccarat NetEnt free game adds all the same features as the real money variation, which means you can expect the same advantages during free play and real money.

If you’re a fan of table games, try also Netent’s Roulette and Blackjack for free in GambleRewards!

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