Kambi Group

Try out one of the best Latvian online casino and sportsbook brand.

Kambi is one of the best-known providers of B2B solutions to the market. They are serving two market sectors. Those delivering on sports betting services and licensed operators in the online gaming industry. The company is around since 2010. From their main office in Malta, they deliver great end-to-end solutions. These are not only to those in the industry delivering to standalone sportsbooks but also to much larger operations. The company’s standing is true to its stated vision. This is always to create outstanding sports betting experiences through various means. For example brilliant customer information, the compilation of odds, front-end user interfaces, and advanced software. Their main focus is yet on the sports betting industry. While their aim is to deliver a great experience to all parties involved.

Kambi Serving Various Platforms Globally

The company has its headquarters in Malta and offices all over the world. They partner up with the leaders in their industry. This serves as a reflection of their own reputation linked with trust and integrity. They are a leading supplier in both the land-based sports betting market as well as the online sector. The company is a driving force behind the market-leading UX. It sets itself apart from the rest through major innovation in products and services.

The company delivers a great combination of solutions for a variety of platforms in the online market. These platforms bring flexibility so that users can use it to serve their needs best. The company has built its brand to one that delivers easy, quick, and seamless switching of platforms of different types. They deliver solutions for a variety of needs. From VIP management to reporting and customer service help.

Their land-based solutions are delivering entertaining experiences for players. They do this by means of the effective use of multi-channel solutions. Their self-service betting terminals are another great solution. This delivers on the demands of the modern-day sports betting players. Hence their Sportsbook solution is available in many sizes and shapes to cater to every need.

Many of their partners also enjoy the flexibility in their player platforms for account management. They are delivering a service model that allows the combination of various platforms. This helps clients to apply their service to serve their needs best. This switchover is seamless and quick, regardless of the platforms being integrated.

Placing Great Value on Safety, Fairness and Success

Kambi brings full adherence to the table when dealing with partners in the industry. The major market systems control them. They also carry licensing from many of the largest global gaming authorization bodies. These include the Gaming Authority of both Malta and the UK, to name only two from the long list. Also, recognition of their brand of integrity is the fact that they are taking part in the IBS. This asks monitoring the sports betting activities of the Olympic Games. It also includes other international competitions. The company is a reflection of fairness, innovation, and success and is thus a leader in the industry.