Cricinfo is one of the best online resources for cricket information. The site was purchased by ESPN, so the service is called ESPN Cricinfo. It was founded in 1993 and claims to be the leading cricket website in the world and in the top five across all sports that cover just one sport. Therefore, the site brings together proven cricket writers and Cricinfo live score information. Readers also have access to records, stats, and news. The community of users reaches over 20 million each month. The Cricinfo live service cannot be faulted for all forms of cricket.

Cricinfo Live Information

Cricket is a hugely popular sport in various parts of the world. The demand for Cricinfo live scores is huge, and the website is one of the most visited that focuses on one particular sport. The game takes place at the international level in England, Asia, the Caribbean, and Australasia. Cricket fans in those parts of the world are avid followers of Cricinfo ball by ball coverage for international fixtures.

There are now several formats of the game, and each is covered with Cricinfo live scores and news, stats and records. So, there is some high-quality writing, but the major strength of the site is the Cricinfo scorecard for domestic and international fixtures. Tests, One Day Internationals and Twenty20 matches all create massive interest in Cricinfo live in the following areas.

Live Scores

Some major international fixtures bring together neighboring nations and traditional rivals. When these matches take place the need for accurate Cricinfo ball by ball coverage increases. Australia and England played the first Test match in 1877 and meetings are the biggest matches in the sport. The nations compete for the Ashes in Test match cricket. Fans follow the live score service when Australia play England. They look at the site’s scorecard during and after play.

At the time of writing in August 2019, England and Australia are meeting in a five-match Test series in England. The matches are being played around the country including Lord’s in London and Old Trafford in Manchester. However, spectators at the venues keep up-to-date with Cricinfo live match coverage. The Cricinfo live scores service attracts millions of readers in England and other parts of the world.

In Asia, the most passionate rivalry is between India and Pakistan. There are political and religious tensions, but that is partly forgotten when the countries meet at cricket. Huge numbers tune in to live match coverage, and in both countries, there are avid followers of Cricinfo ball by ball scoring. India and Pakistan met in the 2019 Cricket World Cup at Old Trafford. There was unprecedented in this match.

The live score service does not only cover the major Test matches and international tournaments. The sport in England is built on country cricket in which teams play over four days and two innings. Very few spectators attend these matches, but the Cricinfo live scores feed reports on the progress of the play. Overall, the service is one of the best in the world and serves the sport well.

Live Streaming

Broadcasters in the cricket playing countries show live cricket on dedicated sports channels. Bookmakers offer odds for many matches in the Test match, ODI and Twenty20 cricket. However, there is one major missing element of the coverage which is Cricinfo live cricket streaming and that service on betting websites. As different forms of media become more popular, Cricinfo live streaming is possible.

Cricket takes place during the week and in business hours. Followers of the sport may find it difficult to keep up to date. Workers with computer screens and phones can follow the Cricinfo live scores even if they can’t see Cricinfo live streaming pictures. The site owners are dedicated to providing the best service, and that includes live cricket score ball by ball coverage if there is live coverage.

One of the constraints of live streaming is the quality of the devices. Mobile technology means that pictures are clear, and there are no delays. In the fullness of time Cricinfo live cricket streaming can become a popular element of the Cricinfo live service. Such a service would be hugely popular when England and Australia meet and India and Pakistan play each other in all forms of cricket.


The Cricinfo scoreboard shows the latest Cricinfo score for matches all around the world. Cricket develops over innings during which one team bowls and one team bats. Batsmen try to score runs and the bowlers try to take wickets. The current score is important for cricket supporters, and one of the best sources of this information for millions of fans is the Cricinfo scorecard.

Information includes the latest Cricinfo score in terms of the number of runs and wickets. The Cricinfo scorecard also shows how many runs each batsman has scored and how many wickets each bowler has taken. This information complements the Cricinfo live scores which summarise the progress of the play. International teams compete in Test matches over five days. There are 50 overs a side in ODI’s and both sides bat for 20 overs in Twenty20 matches. Each type of match gets live scorecard coverage.

There is plenty of cricket on television and radio and online bookmakers offer betting markets for many matches. Cricket is a 12-month sport because the game takes place in the Northern and Southern Hemispheres. When England play a Test match or ODI in Australia, the time difference means overnight coverage. There might be fewer users of the site, but there is still the need for an accurate Cricinfo scorecard.

Ball By Ball

The ultimate in live coverage is the ball by ball service. Cricket is played in overs, and there are six balls in each over. Bowlers are trying to take the batsmen’s wicket and prevent them from scoring runs. Batsmen are trying to protect their wickets and score runs. Batters accumulate a score in singles, twos, threes, and boundaries. When the batsmen hit the ball beyond the boundary, the player scores four runs. If he or she hits the ball over the boundary rope, the player adds six runs to the total. Cricinfo Ball by ball coverage informs users of the runs batsmen score in each over.

Cricket is a battle between bat and ball, so the bowler’s record is also an important element of any Cricinfo ball by ball coverage and lives Cricinfo facts. The bowler does not want to concede runs and strives to remove the batsmen from the match. After each ball in an over, the number of runs each bowler has conceded is updated in the cricket live scores. The most enthusiastic supporters like to know the progress of the play. One of the best sources of this information is the Cricinfo ball by ball service.

Cricinfo India

There is a great amount of passion when England and Australia meet at cricket. However, the level of interest is nothing compared to the intensity of supporters of the Indian cricket team. India is a vast country with many religious and political divisions, but the people unite when India plays cricket. The number of users is massive, and that is why Cricinfo India coverage is so important.

The Indian Premier League (IPL) is a Twenty20 competition that brings together nine franchises based in cities in India. The best-limited overs players compete, and they are paid huge retainers. Fans pack the stadiums and television companies all around the world show live matches. Even with so much media coverage, there is still a huge demand for Cricinfo IPL live scores and ball by ball coverage.

India is a successful cricket nation in all forms of the game. However, they have rarely been the best Test match playing country. However, since 2007 India won the three major world limited-overs competitions. So, some of the best batsmen and spin bowlers in the history of the sport played for India. The Cricinfo India section features stats, records, and news related to this cricket-playing nation.

Cricinfo Pakistan

Pakistan is more suited ODI’s and Twenty20 matches than Test match cricket. However, the fans are no less passionate than cricket followers in India. Matches between the two countries are arguably the biggest team occasions in world sport. Both nations strive to be the best cricket team in Asia. There is a vast number of cricket supporters who follow Cricinfo Pakistan coverage.

In August 2019 the current Prime Minister of Pakistan is Imran Khan. He played cricket for Pakistan, and he was the captain when his country won the 1992 Cricket World Cup. Khan was born in 1952 and was formerly married to Jemima Goldsmith, a member of a wealthy English family. Khan is a huge part of cricket and politics in his home country, and his stats feature in the Cricinfo Pakistan coverage.

Pakistan won the T20 World Cup in 2009 and won the Asia Cup in 2000 and 2012. The country also was the Champions Trophy winners in 2017 which means they have won all the four major limited-overs competitions for which they are eligible. The Cricinfo Pakistan records show they were at number one in the Test cricket world rankings in 2016 despite such success in limited-overs matches. Pakistan did not progress from the group stage in the 2019 World Cup in England and Wales.

Cricinfo Other Information

Cricinfo live scores and other types of live coverage are a significant element of the Cricinfo service. Cricket fans all around the world visit the website to look at live scores. The ball by ball coverage of Test matches, in particular, is very popular and the level of interest increases when England play Australia and India play Pakistan.

Cricket is a sport of numbers, and it lends itself to statistics and records. Wisden is a cricket annual that records first-class scores and averages, and Cricinfo is the online version of that publication. Many sports enthusiasts are keen students of records and statistics, and they can refer to Cricinfo stats and records. Readers who like to keep up to date with developments in the sport can read Cricinfo news.


The Cricket Monthly is the online publication that brings together Cricinfo news. This online newspaper features the leading players in the sport and examines some of the key issues. Its latest release in August 2019 includes an article about cricket in New York and a discussion about the best spinner in the 2019 World Cup. The Cricket Monthly does not avoid contentious issues, and one of the recent articles was about a cricketer from India who turned to alcohol after a dip in form. The news service also includes match reports and analysis. It is one of the best resources for cricket news and features in the sport.


The level of detail makes the stats section arguably the most comprehensive online and in print. So, the information is presented for Test matches, One-Day Internationals and other forms of cricket. There are masses of statistics by a team and past results of fixtures between opposing countries. Another important part of the Cricinfo stats service is first-class averages for batting and bowling. Readers can browse players by country and the Cricinfo stats break down their careers by Tests, ODI’s and T20 matches. Users can also search for a player from an extensive database that has 50,000 entries.


Records are different from Cricinfo stats because they highlight the leading achievers in each discipline. One of the objectives for batsmen is to reach 100 runs in an innings while bowlers strive to take five wickets in an innings or 10 wickets in a match. This type of Cricinfo records information is available for each version of the game. The site features first-class cricket, but there are also Cricinfo records for women’s and Under-19s cricket. The records service also lists the winners of major and minor competitions in domestic and international cricket.

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