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Triple Edge Studios is a gaming studio and not a gaming platform. Therefore, they are involved in the production and not in the process of creating a brand name. They don’t deliver directly to casinos, but they do deliver to other companies, in their case Microgaming, who then distribute to casinos. Thus, they focus on different objectives.

One of these is to be innovative in their designs. They use proven methods to deliver quality software, which is leading in the industry. Another concern for them is to ensure that the mechanics are ready to be rolled out internationally. The market expectation is that they will deliver outstanding slot games every couple of months. These games will be completely different than what the industry is used to and will be setting the benchmark for content and quality in slot games.

Lara Croft Temples and Tombs

They have a couple of games which they consider to be the cornerstone of their pride in the industry, and Lara Croft is without a doubt in this collection. The game is filled with an ancient kind of adventure. The player joins Lara Croft on a journey through the world of Sobek and Set, the ancient gods who keep the Temple and the Tomb of the Golden Scarab Jackpot safe.

In order to discover the treasures in the temple, the player needs to find his way through many obstacles and puzzles. Success would mean that you find the secrets hidden in the golden tomb. Free Spin Tombs are found, and the Wild symbols can be cashed in on to ensure better changes to find the Golden Scarab. This video slot game can be played on mobiles, desktops and tablets.

Bookie of Odds

This video slot game is also part of the pride collection. It is only available in English, but the excitement of getting a peek into the Bookies book is making up for that. Players get features like re spins, and winning can be increased to 5000 times the original bet. Wild scatter cards and free spins are some of the things that will keep you hooked to keep on spinning. This is also available on several platforms.

Ancient Fortunes: Zeus

Another video slot game set in the world of ancient times. Yet there is nothing ancient about the free spins with the possibility of re triggers and a high multiplier trail. This game too can be played on a variety of platforms and is available in multiple languages.

The scene is set on Mt. Olympus, home of the mighty Zeus and his minor gods. Successive wins can increase your multiplier up to seven times what you initially won, and Rolling Reels might bring you favor. Features of free spins increase your multiplier trails, and free spins can also bring more re triggers. In the end, the aim is to earn the favor of the gods and then receive your untold riches.

Triple Edge Studios have been delivering a number of quality and popular games. What is clear from all of these is the fact that they are definitely not delivering the reel setup that most are used to. The standard of five reels set in three rows is substituted for much more excitement.

Various setups are introduced. The sound effects and music, the graphics and artwork are all of outstanding quality and resembling a final product which testifies of hard work and a lot of attention to even the finest detail. All their slot games are themed, creating more than just the slot experience, but indeed setting new norms for the industry.