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Storm Gaming Technology was founded in 2003 in Wolverhampton Science Park in Shropshire in the UK. They are one of the top-ranked manufacturers of digital gaming solutions for the land-based market.

Their solutions are compliant to requirements of the various countries where their clients are based. These include the United States, Spain, Africa and the UK. These machines are installed in bars, pubs and clubs as well as in the arcade sectors.

More than 5,000 machines are currently running on their software. The UK market is becoming an arena which is achieving new records with various game developers adding to the content available. SG was yet one of the first and hence better-known providers in the field.

The success which they had with their software solutions for land-based digital kiosks led to them adding online gaming solutions to their portfolio recently. Thus, their product design is focused on delivering on the needs of operators working in both land-based as well as social, online and mobile solutions. Their designs focus on putting their clients at the forefront of these sectors. They achieve this with their quality content, which is engaging players and resonate with them.

In the recent past, they have adjusted themselves within the global market to be a well-known business. A market which considers them to be very capable of delivering turnkey solutions. They became an omnichannel provider to large parts of Europe and beyond.

Storm Gaming Partnering Up with Industry Giants

Over the years, their quality of content has created a brilliant name in the industry of being innovative and reliable. From 2016 on they were able to partner up with some great names. These include names like Aztec and Core Sign Content.

These partners have been using the gaming solutions of Storm Gaming in their platforms. Storm Gaming also created their platform where they provide various turnkey solutions for casino operations. They managed some strategic partnerships with selected intellectual property owners with global influence.

This enabled them to deliver on a 360° gaming arena, which includes some of the most well-known brands to consumers. Their business philosophy is that through building relationships which evolve into great partnerships. These partnerships enable you to achieve opportunities.

Storm Gaming Kiosks

Their headquarters are in the UK, and all their software management happen form there. Yet their kiosks are produced in an 8,000 square foot factory in Taiwan. Their machines are known for brilliant features in the industry.

This production facility can deliver on 200 gaming kiosks per week. They also deliver various options to choose from for clients. These kiosks can be manufactured from a variety of materials. Clients also have a choice of features to include, like Dolby sound, touch screens and easy interface.

Storm Gaming’s Impressive Portfolio

From the creators of Storm Gaming, a large array of games has been added to their company brochure. These games are intended for various markets. Skill games, casino table games, video Bingo games and many more form part of this vast collection.

Even though they have only in the more recent past expanded to online gaming, they are already a well-known name in the industry. Including popular casino slot games like Captain Cash fall in their portfolio.

Due to the development behind these games, they can operate on either Linux or Windows platforms. They are also compatible with HTML5.

This flexibility over many platforms ensures uninterrupted play and better player engagement. Storm Gaming is busy building a successful future on a solid foundation of a great reputation within the industry. They are a trusted a reliable name.