SpadeGaming has been around since 2007. They make a positive contribution to the world of online gaming. Since 2013, players can enjoy their games on tablets and smartphones. This is the result of their efforts and constant aim to deliver a greater experience. Games can play on any device supported by iOS, Android, Windows or HTML5. This feature ensures endless playing.

Their focus point is to specialize in providing slots. When it comes to game play features, they do offer a large variety of options with bonus games and more. Take note that the RTP for SpadeGaming slot games is in the area of 96-97% which can’t be any higher. Their graphics are impeccable, offering the player a vivid experience.

Inspired Games

Chinese themes are the inspiration for their games. These exceed by far the more traditional themes that players are often used to. In Golden Fist, which they released in 2018, they brought back to life the mystical figure of Bruce. This game features martial arts and the adrenaline rush of incoming enemies. They continue this theme in Brothers Kingdom, rating as a brilliant 97.2% RTP. Oath of the Peach Garden is the inspiration for this game. It tells the story of Liu Bei, Guan Yu and Zhang Fei, who became blood brothers in the high-octane setting of wartime.

The themes are not only Chinese-based, and inspiration for some slots come from elsewhere. In Jungle King released in 2017, players are in the company of the legendary Tarzan and his city wife, Jane. Together they are protecting their home while swinging in the trees or hanging on the vines – an adventure of speed and flexibility. With an RTP of 96.99%, it is worth your while to swing by.

Ease and Options

Their games are instant play, so no need for downloads. The design of the games enables it to be able to play in any type of web browser. For the less adventurous player free play slots allow for playing without real money. Different staking options are available since SpadeGaming offers an entire range to players. Auto play is available to players who prefer to sit back and watch as the machines play themselves. This option offers variety with many stake levels to choose from for your settings.

A Benchmark of Quality, Integrity and Service Delivery

The company is more than a benchmark for creating inspirational entertainment. They are also acknowledged for their integrity and service delivery. Their dedication is on the supply of more than brilliant gaming solutions. They also supply integration solutions and outstanding client service to all online operators. Quality and service are key to them. Providing certified and secure products with multilingual settings are their goal. Account management is done through cutting-edge software.

The technical support team is always monitoring suspicious behavior since security is crucial. They offer a multi-currency financial system which enables players from all over the world to play in their local currency. Sophisticated banking option and payments systems ensure ease of use and security combined. Players can track their comprehensive financial reporting and analysis platforms online in real-time.

In Asia, SpadeGaming is currently the leading software developer for slot games. They are also in the lead with providing casino technology and back office solutions. Their reputation is one of delivering excellent experiences with ease of use. SpadeGaming is now aiming to lead the European and American markets too.

Mystical inspiration, supported quality products, excellent service delivery and integrity are driving SpadeGaming. They aim to provide players with gripping entertainment, all the time, worldwide.