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Sapphire Gaming is a brand-new designing studio established in 2019 to create innovative and modern games for online players. It recently partnered with Relax Gaming to become part of its silver bullet program.

The agreement between Sapphire Gaming and Relax Gaming strengthens its reach to offer its games to a larger player audience. It is a great step forward in realizing its growth ambitions. It also offers the new studio access to the experience Relax Gaming gained over many years.

Team and Personality

The team at Sapphire Gaming includes risk-takers, techies, artists and rule-breakers. The company focuses on learning as much as possible from others in order to improve. At the same time, it keeps up with the latest trends. They work non-stop in association with casinos to find out what players enjoy, like and want to play.

The personality and character of the Sapphire Gaming studio are to move forward, to experiment and to find better ways and new methods to engage and reward players. The Sapphire System is a matchless gamification tool. What the game enhancement tool does is permitting players to use power-up to increase the odds of their spins.

The system allows players to buy or earn sapphires, by collecting the sapphires players gain access to free enhancements or power-ups. The gamification tool is a one-of-a-kind solution that brings players a new way of enjoying online casino games. At the same time, it gives Sapphire Gaming the much-needed advantage to survive in the competitive gaming industry.

Sapphire Gaming Online Games

Sapphire Gaming online games started shaking up the world of online slots shortly after the company started in 2019. The first game release took place in April, the next in July and what is still to follow is the launch of Mean Machine in August. The studio plan also shows a release in September when Switchers will launch. In November it is Mega Reel and Halls of Valhalla will follow in December.

The Siege slot takes players back to the times of medieval castle conflicts. It is a time in which troops lay waste to guard the fortress wall from those in search of the treasure rooms. It is a challenge set across four different levels, and you have the opportunity to win one of the static jackpots.

The Siege slot was the second game released by the studio. Its range of features includes three jackpots, second chances, Siege weapons and cascading rounds. At this stage, the game RTP’s range from 95.01% to 96% and the lowest prize in the jackpots guarantees at least 75 times your bet.
The Siege slot weapons allow you to batter the walls of the Medieval castle and gain entrance, once you break through all the walls. You have several chances to get past each stage and several bonus boosts.

Sapphire Gaming Mobile Games

Sapphire Gaming mobile games are still limited, the company only started a few months You do have great options to explore what their games are all about.

The very first slot by Sapphire Gaming was Jupiter’s Choice in April. It offers online players a unique slot experience inspired by a time when the kingship and sovereignty were the rulers of Rome. The Romans honored Jupiter above all other gods, so they had no doubt that he would grant them supremacy.

Jupiter’s Choice is a 6 x 3 online slot designed for mobile players and features a 95.01% RTP. Bonus features include mega-hits, mega-reels, free spins, a bonus wheel and clumped reels. You can win up to 50 free spins, and with the mega-hit feature you win up 25 times your stake. Activate the mega-reel feature and all the lower-paying symbols, disappear.