Oryx Gaming

Oryx was founded in 2010 with an aim to design gaming platforms that have all the features a gaming operator looks for. Thus, to incorporate a plethora of features and integrate them with third-party applications like firewall, analytics and payment processing; Oryx took two years, and, in 2012 they launched their first gaming platform.

In order to achieve the target of creating a perfect platform, Oryx made the team with expertise in various fields: gaming, entertainment, IT services, software development, content development, law, finances etc. Oryx gaming work for the clients, and thus, its website and all the core operations are based upon the client’s demands, and therefore, have offices in the US, Slovenia, Estonia, and Malta.

Oryx gaming solutions are designed for all the major markets, making it easier for operators to merge the game’s software with their existing platform. Moreover, the expert team at Oryx have developed a modular platform that allows the user to choose the elements of their choice.

What are their services ?

Easy a platform

This gives the operator a chance to select a platform that is lightweight and can be updated easily. They provide a platform that is multi-functional; for example, it includes fraud prevention tools, an essential element in any online casino as well as marketing systems. Oryx also provides a management system that helps the client to market their sites and pay a reward to the websites that bring traffic.

Hosting, web production and more

Although Oryx specializes in the e-gaming platform, the company has other services to offer like hosting, IT, web production and development. The company also supply online casinos with the tools they need to trade, market and release. They also cater to traditional web-based marketing, including PPC, SEO, and PR.

Their casino services

Besides, Oryx gaming platform delivers a number of elements, such as live betting and frequent feature updates to the clients. Its sports book integration feature enables the client to integrate all the elements that are required to operate a professional sports book. The services offered by Oryx do not end here, the team has also integrated traditional casino services like slots, video poker, and table games; along with lottery games including bingo, keno and scratch cards.

Consultancy services

Having earned the pride of being a major player in the gaming industry, Oryx gaming has strived to aid its clients by providing consultancy services, and thereby, enabling them to expand into new markets and territories.

With multiple services and one e-gaming platform that caters every need of the operator, Oryx gaming has definitely set itself as a successful name in the gaming world.