OneTouch has one significant difference from other companies. It focuses mainly on developing for smartphones. Most companies will develop their casino games for desktop devices. Then they adjust the display to fit smartphones as well. OneTouch bases its entire concept on enabling players to play with only one hand.

This is still the inspiration behind their designs and development nearly five years later. They stick to placing great effort in delivering on practical necessities for one hand play. They placed all the necessary operating buttons at logical places for ease of use. These buttons are also symmetrically placed. This allows for easy use by both the player’s left and right hand.

Fair Play

OneTouch accentuates their focus on being loyal to the rules and playing fair when they develop games for the marketplace. Their gaming technology features a Random Number Generator which delivers expected return-to-player percentages. Every single release that they launch is submitted for certification by both the Malta Gaming Authority as well as the UK Gambling Commission. To further enhance fairness, they present players with a participation option when cards are being shuffled during play. This way, players can ensure that the order of cards remains the same after shuffling. It is this kind of features which harness confidence in them.

The Software Development

A large part of their development takes place in their Ukraine studio. They have earned recognition in the industry for being on the edge of development. They are constantly delivering high-quality front-end technology specifically for smartphones. These include HTML5, spine and pixi.js. The results of this are clearly visible in the realistic animations which gamer enjoy. Their graphics are continuously outstanding. Their games are available on various platforms. Thus, their developers ensure that every single game released, delivers the same high-quality deliverance across the board.

A Mixture of Games

OneTouch delivers games for a variety of interests and preferences. These include slot games as well as table games. One of their most favored games and also their flagship is No Commission Baccarat. This game is one of two Baccarat options they deliver on. The flagship is a no-banker commission game. This game is extremely popular all over the Asian casinos. Especially those situated in the Macau district.

The game offers the option to players to squeeze, and in any direction. It also offers some side betting options. These increase players’ odds and is hence a popular option on mobile devices. Their Baccarat games present the feeling of sitting at an actual Baccarat table while bringing brilliant play ability on portrait mode for easy single hand play. The game also delivers an average RTP of 96.1%. Currently, the game is available in a variety of Asian languages as well as English.

A Bright Future Ahead

OneTouch remains focused on delivering excellence to the Asian markets. Yet their games can be accessed and enjoyed all over the globe. This was made possible through their great partnerships with some of the biggest names in the industry. These names include giants like Solid Gaming and BetConstruct. It is these giants in the industry who is mostly responsible for taking their games beyond the Asian markets by adopting their ranges. On initial thought, it might seem rather odd for a company to have so much focus on the single industry of mobile gaming, yet through staying true to their initial dream, they were able to create success for themselves and deliver on what seems to be a prosperous future.