Founded by entrepreneur Professor Johann F. Graft, Novomatic is an old name in the gaming industry. Located in more than five countries, Novomatic Group employs around 30,000 people worldwide who develop and transport solutions to approximately 70 countries. Moreover, the group operates around 255,000 gaming terminals and 2,100 video lottery terminals.

The reason behind its widespread functioning area is because it prioritizes research and development above everything. Creating games that are unique and innovative is the company’s strength. Their area of work involves both “distributed gaming solutions” and “gaming content and application software”.

Their Rules

Novomatic Group works under strict regulations and offers its products only to licensed companies that function in regulated markets. Member states of the European Union, Central, Eastern, and Southeastern Europe are main areas of investment for the Novomatic
Group. Besides these, the company also focuses on expanding its area of work to markets with long term stable prospects, such as Latin America, Asia, and the United States.

Their working passion

Novomatic Group has earned the reputation of being a “trendsetter” through their unending efforts to bring development in gaming equipment. The group continuously expands its center of research and development, and thus, improving its role as both a producer and an operator. This self-improvisation highlights the company passion for working towards an idea of the better gaming industry.

Their aim of being responsible and protective

Often, the addition of online games is witnessed among the youth, and therefore, the Novomatic Group practices responsible gambling by being open and informative about the gaming conditions and providing access to the players in a regulated manner. Moreover, the team at Novomatic also prevents access of the games to minors.

The employees are also trained to identify the client’s gaming behaviour and accordingly, offer assistance. Their aim to be responsible and protective is also evident in their marketing strategies as they follow pre-defined advertising policies by aiming at adolescents and youth.

Products they provide

Novomatic offers cabinet games including 4K Ready, HD Curved Screen, Flipscreen, LED FX etc. Their services also include slots and electronic table games. Moreover, the Novomatic Group also provides various platforms, like Coolfire, that combine innovative gaming concepts and breakthrough technologies. All the games and platforms offered by Novomatic keep the players’ preferences at the top and provide simple navigation options.

Thus, the Novomatic Group stands true to its reputation of being the world’s biggest producer and operator of gaming technology.