Nolimit City

Nolimit City is a Sweden-based team of young and innovative minds that develop software for the gaming industry. Licensed by Malta Gaming Authority, Nolimit City has offices in Malta, Stockholm, and India(Gurugram). Although new to the market, the faces behind Nolimit City are anything but new to the industry.

Their teams

They are an experienced bunch of people who are taking the gambling industry to the next level with their refreshing and new designs. Following the trend of changing world, Nolimit City increases the popularity of its games through promotions and marketing campaigns.

The workforce of the company believes and works towards innovation, making it a big success.

This City has a solid platform that builds everything in-house, ensuring delivery of best quality products. The aim of the developers at this City is to offer flexible solutions and create a base where new changes and technologies can be adapted.

The strength of this City is its team that is chosen from Malta, Sweden, and Gurugram. People working at this City are highly skilled, exhibiting excellent teamwork capabilities. With individuals in commercial, legal and finance sectors from Malta, passionate and smart people working in the area of slot game development from Stockholm and talented technicians from India, Nolimit City has built a rare team.


A game that is developed at this City undergoes strict supervision at all the stages – from development and design to back office and promotional periods. This ensures high precision and excellent quality games. Moreover, the gaming software are built on HTML5, which
means they are easily accessible through mobile casino accounts.

This City prides itself in the fantastic creation of both slot and table games. The slot games like WIXX, Kitchen Drama, Casino winspin etc. are designed around new and fresh ideas, whereas table games include lottery games with options like lotto poker, lotto 36 balls and lucky cards.

Who are they working with?

The high chances of a win and spectacular animations make these games quite popular among players. Nolimit City works with a number of operators of reputable companies who use the software designed by the company. This itself speaks volumes about the success of Nolimit City and faith that top casino operators put in it.

Their aim

Nolimit City has proven its worth in an extremely short time period by delivering different and fresh game slots. The future looks bright for this City, for they are going to widen their range of slots soon, and Nolimit City is going to be a boon for the casino operators.