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MG Games are relatively new in the gaming industry. Yet they have managed to bring a new dimension to the gaming world. They offer a brilliant range of mini-games for either your browser or mobile. A unique feature to this developer is their involvement of followers, which they allow in the gaming development process. They truly offer a different and very welcome fun element with their games.

The Beginning Phases

For a gaming developing company which has started as recently as 2014, they have released quite a number of games. They started to build a following from scratch and with no large corporations backing them. Yet they have managed to release quite a bit so far. This is the kind of company that wants to inspire through their games and bring a new dimension to the gaming industry. To get a better understanding of this developer, let’s explore some of their games that were already released.

Pinball – A Crazy Amount of Fun

Pinball is one of their more recent releases. The game is available on HTML5 and Android. It was entered into the 2017 Game Off Challenge. Although it didn’t rank within the top 100, it did get some brilliant feedback. The feedback from followers and gaming enthusiasts was about the amount of fun the retro pinball game delivered. Their graphics and audio are also great, considering it is a classic pinball game.


The amount of fun you can have with a Ninja who doesn’t like chickens will surpass your highest expectations. This plat-former game has been released and can be played on HTML. Developed in 2D, players can enjoy the simple yet fast pace of a typical arcade-style game.

Dark Edges

Dark Edges is a work in progress, where constant updates and feedback from followers are requested and incorporated. It isn’t often that followers can be as involved with the design and development of their dream game. This is a unique experience which is currently well used by MG Gaming as their niche touch to the industry.

Dark Edges is a plat-former game that will be available on HTML5 when released. What makes this game even more interesting is, that while limitations on graphics are very far extended, they have opted to develop this game in a black and white format. Simplicity incorporated to the maximum level.

Project Rólghlacadh

Project Rólghlacadh is another project in progress. When released it will also be available on HTML5 as an adventure game with some role-playing involved. For regular updates on the progress of the game, followers can tune into their Facebook page. Here followers will be able to play prototypes of the game and give important feedback and input. This strategy is creating a much larger involvement from the market they are serving.

The Fun of Being Part of Development

MG Games have several games available for playing in your browser or downloading. Some of these were already released, and others are merely available in prototype format. This gaming developer doesn’t deliver on great claims of spectacular graphics and brilliant coding. They also have no claims of major success and don’t rate under the leaders in the industry.
They offer something different to gaming enthusiasts. What MG Games bring to the gaming world is a fresh approach to well-known and loved games. It is giving a new dimension to arcade-style games. The involvement of their followers and the successful use of social media is making them relevant in a new and refreshing way.