Iron Dog Studios

A team that focuses on the future with their strength rooted in the past. “his describes The Iron Dog Studios, in the best way possible. They give gamers a high-quality gaming experience.

A brand within 1X2 Network, operators within this team, tries to build some exciting games that would be pleasing to the eyes and provide entertainment, both, to the gamers and the developers.

Cartoon design on the games

Like a cartoon, every game has a soul of its own; similarly, each and every game leaves a long-lasting impression on a gamer’s mind. This is what makes gaming exciting and addicting.

Remember Mario? Wasn’t that world a completely different experience for anyone who played the game?

Likewise, the creators at The Iron Dog Studio, aim to bring soul to the game in order to make it an unforgettable experience.When the character of your game feels real, it takes the game up to a new level.

Wide range of gamers

From slots to scratch cards to table games, the Iron Dog Studio provides you with various games that are developed based on new technologies.

As it comes under the old 1X2 gaming brand, The Iron Dog Studio enjoys a wide coverage and distribution.

Moreover, since 2017, these games have been delivered under the NYX  gaming brand, bringing it within the reach of a wide range of gamers.

Slot Games

From Viking Wilds to the new Curious Cabinet, the Iron Dog Studio offers numerous Slot games.

In Curious Cabinets, gamers can enjoy opening the mystery cabinets and see the magical paintings turn into living characters.

With silver cabinets giving out bonuses and prizes, this gaming experience is perfect to go with your Halloween.

Table Games

In case you are a casino lover, you can also turn to the Iron Dog Studios table games.
3D Blackjack, 3D Baccarat, 3D European Roulette, all provide you with an experience that is full of glamour and style. You can absorb the casino-like environment and win loads if you play your cards right. Play your lucky numbers with your fingers in the European Roulette and live your dream of playing in an actual casino. Now tell me, doesn’t it sound exciting?

Scratch Cards

Lastly, do not forget their exciting scratch cards. If you want an easy win then just start playing Neon Jungle Scratch. Based on the slot game, it lets you scratch and matches only three neon cards, and just like that, you have won it. Pretty easy and fun! Cosmic crystal scratch and paint scratch are some of the other scratch cards that you can play and turn yourself into a winner.

So, here at The Iron Dog Studios, you get to have a lot of fun with the latest gaming technologies which help to make your experience super exciting and lively.