Ganapati is a gaming development company branching out into various sections of the online casino industry. The company focuses on excellent game creations that are unique and bring a different style of entertainment to iGaming. Established in 2013, Ganapati strives to be a lot more than just another game provider. In fact, they also engage in blockchain technology, offering a completely different way of playing online.

Rise to Success and Awards

Over the last few years, Ganapati enjoys great success and recognition in the industry. This led major reward companies to spot them and see what they’re really worth, which gained them nominations and awards. These include evolution in blockchain, Malta Gaming Awards, Malta AI Blockchain and more. They were even nominated by the Global Gaming Awards by EGR along with B2B awards. Furthermore, the company operates with some of the biggest brands in the world – this including partnerships with RED Entertainment, Bank of Innovation, Cybird, Decoo and more.

One of their most successful movements has been their clients, which also includes some of the biggest brands in the world, such as Video Slots Casino, 1xBet and more. They also have other game developers as their clients, including NYX Interactive, SkillOnNet and more. In the last few years, the company managed to turn themselves into a real player for the online casino industry. Not only with leading partners, but by offering top-rated gaming features players want as well.

Much of their success has to do with their research and large development team with offices around the world. This includes London, Curacao, Taiwan, Malta, Los Angeles and Tokyo. In 2016, they also made the move to become a public traded company by appearing on the London NEX exchange. Even though Ganapati started in 2013, they only entered iGaming in 2016, making their track record thus far even more impressive.

Ganapati Games

Striving for something completely different, the Ganapati team takes a whole new approach to casino games. Their slots feature a combination between traditional European gaming entertainment and Japanese flavor. However, it’s done in the most authentic way and offers great tales with every release. It presents a refreshing experience with new features and themes with each spin.

One of the most impressive advantages of their games is that it’s more than just mechanical but offers an interesting tale behind each theme. Moe Moe Cuisine ver. China, for example, features Chinese girls who reveal the most delicious dishes. The game grabs your attention with special symbols and advanced gaming features where you get to adjust the volatility.

Neo Tokyo is one of the most innovative Japanese themed slots. It includes a bright theme with all the special symbols such as wilds and scatters. However, there’s a lot more to the game, including game levels that expand the reels to include more rows and increase the ways to win to over 12,000! Furthermore, there are also free spins, special flower blossom features and much more.

Ganapati Mobile and G8C

Ganapati started as a mobile app developer before the adventure into online casino game development. Thus, they have the right team to provide some of the most advanced gaming features to all their clients. It also means that players get to experience mobile gaming on a whole new level. All the games forming part of Ganapati work on mobile devices and don’t require any additional software or apps.

One of the biggest focuses and success sections of the company relates to G8C. In 2018, GanaEight Coin Ltd, which is a subsidiary based in Malta, joined the company. It’s the section that develops the blockchain technology, which is set to launch soon.