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Fortune Factory Studios provides HD gaming for online casinos. The company offers high-quality development with seasoned game creators and have been part of the industry since 2012. However, they really got their name to shine with a deal from Microgaming, meaning they now form part of the exclusive development team alongside other third-party game creators for the major gaming platform.

The company focuses on creating energetic gaming features with themes that stand second to none. Their incredible developments have already made it to the top of many casinos. This includes the ever-popular Romanov Riches slot that’s commonly seen among the favorite for Microgaming.

Before the deal with Microgaming, the Fortune Factory team mostly developed games for land-based casinos. Naturally, this section continues to grow as they also ensure the most innovative features and themes form part of the collection. Their engaging developments and math models consciously impress their audience, which isn’t only limited to online and land-based gaming, but rather mobile as well.

The team strives to create a product with personality by offering themes and game designs that stick with players for the long run. They believe in modernizing game opportunities by adding the features proven to be popular and entertaining. Of course, this already proves worthy, thanks to their deal with Microgaming and their games appearing among the top.

Fortune Factory Games

Fortune Factory Studios only started their online gaming development with the Microgaming deal. Therefore, their online presence has not been around for long, but their design abilities give them the recognition they deserve. The first online game came about in 2017, but it was the following year that the deal between the developers was signed. Currently, they offer a total of four online slots, each impressing with great features and design. Naturally, we can expect to see many more from Fortune Factory in the years to come.

Starting with their most popular game, Romanov Riches, you’ll soon discover why their innovative designs are so popular. The slot features a rather basic gem theme, but it includes incredible design quality and bonus features. With mystery symbols, three wheel bonuses and even re-spins, this 15 pay lines slot strikes the interest of just about all players. The game includes an RTP of above 96%, making it a popular choice among gaming veterans as well.

Village People Macho Moves is yet another excellent choice for players. It clearly focuses on one of the most well-known songs with 15 fixed pay lines, bright graphics and huge bonus features. However, the game scores credit with brilliant animations and graphics as well. Not only does it present an entertaining theme, but also grabs attrition with six unique features and a jukebox where you can choose the next song!

Fortune Factory – Moving Forward

It’s rather clear that the game provider would be sticking with the Microgaming platform, at least for now. The developer doesn’t seem to have any of their own licenses and purely depends on that of Microgaming. However, we might see a change in the future as they make the move to develop for their own library. No such plans seem to be part of the mission for the time being.

In the near future, we’re sure to discover more exciting game features from the company. They already impress with excellent gaming quality, giving them fuel to continue with high-quality development. This is certainly a game provide worth watching for innovative and modern gaming features as they strive to remain among one of the best in the Microgaming library.