Betsoft started in 2006, and just four years later, they already had their first Slots3 title. Since then, they have expanded worldwide. Over 500 different casino and gaming websites use their software.

But Betsoft doesn’t only have high-quality casino software. One can attribute its fame to their 3D graphics, intuitive game play, and realistic audio. These are exactly the features that earn the loyalty of most players.

Best slots3 Series

In fact, Betsoft is best known for its Slots3 series (Black Gold, Good Girl Bad Girl, and The True Sheriff). Also, they employ experts to make these games run smoothly.

Moreover, software developers and engineers work on the mechanics of their games, and graphics and 3D designers, as well as animators, give them their visual aesthetics. The games are highly advanced and visually appealing, which is what makes them stand out.

Account managers and marketing specialists

Then, there are the account managers who oversee the website and its user base. Finally, marketing specialists handle the promotion of their titles.

Like most other developers, Betsoft too took into consideration the possibility of creating mobile games. In 2011, they released a game ‘ToGo,’ which is believed to be one of the most functional and entertaining products up to date.

Furthermore, many gamblers know them for their respectable reputation as a company that creates compelling game play. They have an extensive library with over 150 titles, and most of them are popular among the members of the gambling community.

RNG Certified

On top of that, all its games are RNG certified, with the addition of a Junior Associate Certificate.

BetSoft Awards

In addition, Betsoft has won many awards in the past two years. Users can even see which ones on their official website. There, you can also find a list of platforms and websites that use Betsoft’s services. The team even put up a timeline of what the company has done during the past few years.