Gaming technology continues to grow. There are many gaming companies in the market, so you must choose the best one that can support the needs of your business. Betdigital can significantly help you. The company was established in 2011 to give clients with systems and content for the UK and international gaming markets. With their more than 50 years of experience in the industry, they already mastered the best gaming solutions to help businesses grow.

Working Staff

Betdigital has a dedicated and competent team that offers timely delivery and top grade quality services for their hopeful customers. They also have the best systems development to help gaming developers to level up their online business. Moreover, they use SystemX and GRID which is the market’s first cross-platform gaming engine. They want to get the interest of the third party as well as online game developers who desire to make their content to the land-based gaming market.

They facilitate the integration of various platforms to adhere to their clients’ requirements to make sure that the game will get quickly to the market. Even more important, they have high-quality content in-house that can deploy the big platform operators in the world.


Their GRID or Game Rapid Integration & Development System can be easily configured with XML files. You can make creative games in small time frames. It comes with hardware-accelerated OpenGL and TrueType and bitmap font support. Their system features excellent animations, graphics, sounds and movies which are entirely XML configurable. It has reels-in-reels, rotates and scale, and unlimited reel displays.


SystemX is their proprietary multi-platform interface. It enables a game to operate on different platforms with the use of the same interface. It can reduce the development and QA resources. You don’t have to doubt because they can give you excellent online support with tools and web-based documentation. It comes with a mature code base that can make fast QA with automated tool sets. Their SystemX is extendible, so you can easily upgrade it for various markets and latest land-based platforms.

Betdigital promises to give you a stable platform operator system updates to make your gaming business grow professionally and reliably. With their team, you can increase the revenue of your business by using their services. Additionally, you can also provide players with exciting and fantastic gaming experiences. Investing in their services will give you many benefits. They are happy to be your partner for your business’ success.