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At GambleRewards we are passionate about gaming as much as the next avid player. Our core belief is that every player should be given the right to choose what they want to do, what types of games to play and the amount of money to let go. If you live in a country where gambling has been approved legally, then there’s a chance that it is filled with too many online casinos and you may have no idea which to choose from. Now, these are the best internationally approved online casinos worldwide as of 2021.


This list is available to those living in South Africa, South America, in fact, any part of the world where technology can be used. These online casinos worldwide have little or no restrictions on countries that can or cannot play. You have to stay on top of the news, be alert to the best casino sites that give out promos, offer you some sort of financial security and cash back bonuses even free games.


It may be somewhat difficult for people living outside New Zealand, Canada or U.k to find the best fit in casinos because not all states have legal rights to open one, for those living in Europe, there is a special dedicated page to cater for your gambling needs.

As a result of these regulation and tight restrictions in some parts of the world, the first thing a newbie should do is check if the area he or she lives in allows gambling to avoid legal fumbles. These groups of people are likely to end up in a massive online casino that will overlook their legal constraints. For example, we advise that those living in South America should try online casinos created by Microgaming, one of such being Betsson.

However, if you find that these are not to your liking, then consider the rest of our top-rated worldwide online casinos. This list was carefully reviewed and screened in order to make sure that only the best where listed.

Another important factor to think about when deciding on a casino is the type of games they allow on their websites. You have to check if they are to your liking.

Some of the games to look out for are Baccarat, Jackpots, table games (live play), and scratch games. Just be sure the site has what you are looking for. Look out for casinos that preach much but do little, avoid them. Our list of top worldwide online casinos is sure to offer you the best in games, support, cash back and promos.

Communication is important to ensure that the site is built or has the language you understand perfectly. This comes in handy when you need help from the support and if you want to place bets, basically everything. Don’t settle for less.

Most importantly, ensure that all your transactions are safe and secure at any casino you choose. If you make the wrong choice here, you could end up defrauded. If you can, inspect their security protocols to make sure it is strong, this way you will not panic while waiting to withdraw or deposit.


If you are playing outside the sites recommended countries, you may not be given bonuses like others because your currency differs from what they approve of. Fortunately, we have a list of websites that accept payments in your local currency through alternative ways which means you don’t have to miss out on anything at all.


The entire embargo placed on casinos everywhere in the world has no effect on the games. You can get quality casino games anytime, anywhere on your phones, computers, TV, Tablets or Smartwatches. So anytime you need fast relief and cash, it is right on your fingertip.

You can try playing slots, spinning roulettes, jackpots amongst other very interesting games. Nonetheless, your country may influence the casual games that are available, some of them are, scratch cards, bingo and dice games. When you play these games, there is a 50-50 chance that you will win cool easy cash while having fun. On the bright side, gaming companies do not restrict players from any country and so there is no chance that you will miss out from the best games.


The answer sadly is no. In some parts of the world, online gambling is yet to be approved so you may find it a bit more difficult to use these sites. Our list of top online casinos worldwide has little or no restrictions, but the legal constraints may make it harder for you to navigate the site. Countries such as Israel and Asia have watertight restrictions against online gambling and so have completely blocked it.

Not to worry, gambling laws are changing every day even as you read this, in the nearest future most of the bans should be lifted because of more and more people are tilting towards the love of gambling at online casinos. Remember, check out the laws guiding your own jurisdiction before you make any commitment to a gambling website.

If you have any comments or suggestions about international casinos, then don’t hesitate to get in touch with us to share your thoughts as soon as possible.