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Without the right information, even the best of us end up handicapped. This is why our team is dedicated to providing the correct information concerning online casinos  Australia.

We provide reliable ratings, reviews and data to help you select the best of the best. With the emphasis on quality of the game, the safety of the player, game promotion, bonus, payout, financial security, and well-trained customer service. Due to our passion to pass on the right information and considering the latest Australian bill against the operation of top online casinos, there are no online casino for Australians at the moment.


On September 13th, the Australian government passed a law titled the bill for Interactive Gambling Amendment Bill. This law was against online casinos Australia or more specifically, the best international online casinos. It prevented and effectively cut off the operation of internationally based online casinos.

The government began to grant a license to online casinos to Australians alone, no outsiders allowed. Fortunately, there is always a way to bypass the constraints of the law, so most Australians patronise Sportsbook instead. They are an online gambling establishment.


When the bill was revised, some top gaming companies had to adjust their Clientele also. Companies such as NetEnt, Microgaming and Playtech rejected Aussie players and have removed their dollar from the list of accepted local currencies.

In light of this development, we can provide assistance from CTO and give out a range of top free games an Australian casino player may be interested in. These may include, live table games, Pokies, Video poker and live games played privately in our SpinRoom. You can do all these without needing to sign up, and it is entirely free.

In the past two years, several countries have come to accept that online casinos have come to so they had to lift the bans against it. The number of these countries keeps increasing every day. This year, people are expecting significant changes regarding the future of gambling. The first country to experience a backlash to the growth in Australia. Once the government cut off the game companies, they cut Australians off to prevent their players from having any access to their accounts.


The government had to cut off other operators in order to make sure that Australians produce their own online casinos. This invasive bill was created in 2016 by Mitch Fifield. The amendment will be implemented in November 2017. In a review of their current laws, it was discovered that players used ‘click to call’ to place bets.

Alan Tudge, a human Service minister, confirmed that the number of illegal gambling is way over hundreds. He says it is a significant health problem because 2.7% of those people are addicted gamblers who just need their fix. The law would prevent outsiders from acting immorally and attacking vulnerable Aussie players.


The government is determined to wipe out the scourge of illegal online casinos. When the bill is approved, the ACMA (Australian Communications and Media Authority) will have sufficient authority to impose infringement notices, issue warnings, and injunctions. They can also give the offshore operator guidelines on the new bill to prevent them from violating the law.

The bill for the Interactive Gambling Act came with some changes. Under the IGA of 2001, Australian firms were prohibited from paying customers with real money. This amendment, however, allows Australians to make payments with real money causing the market to be competitive. Every Australian operator for online poker and live-betting is expected to meet up with the set standard by the government. When these standards are completely finalized, the government will allow a trial period for players to engage in online poker. Websites will be allowed licenses to host online poker games and absolutely no other games as they would be illegal.


The government is about to make the best amendment to the IGA. It will allow players to make in-play bets on live sports online. However, they will ban microBetting both on live betting and online sites. Penalties await anyone who decides to violate the IGA, but companies will receive heavier ones naturally. If the site is found to be illegal, it will be shut down permanently and its operators arrested by the police.

One of the primary reasons why the amendment was made on IGA was to reduce the harmful effects of gambling on Australians. The inspection of online betting programs allows the government to curtail match-fixing effectively.

When this bill gets approval from the parliament, and with the vast support it has garnered from the public and gaming industries in Australia, it will be approved, citizens will be protected from the harm of online gambling and at the same time encouraging healthy gambling aimed at increasing funds.


Previously, just like any other country in the world, Australia participated in online the casino plays because it gave them that flexibility to play from anywhere of their choosing, on phones, computers or desktops.

Online casino popularity boomed along with the internet in the 90s. Casino owners made provisions for software companies to create virtual games just like the land-based games they played such as Roulette, Blackjack, and Slot machines. Back then, people could access these goods through their web browsers or them could just download the software.

The last ten years have seen the growth of casino games with technology. They moved from the big computer screens to simple mobile phones where they adapted the play. According to reports, more than half of the casino games were played on a mobile phone in Australia 2017.

As a result of this steady growth, the government had to create the IGA to help control gambling and prevent it from getting out of hand. In 2016, the IGA was amended to restrict offshore activity from offering their services to players. The bill was later passed in 2017, and probably in reaction to the rejection by the government, the gaming companies refused to take anything from Australians and restricted them from playing on their sites.