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The growth of live televised sport and online betting has created a demand for betting tips. Bookmakers advertise heavily in the mainstream and Racing Press, and they offer many options and markets. Some bettors like to use their own judgement, but others prefer to use tips. There are many free and subscription services that analyse form and publish daily betting tips. The most popular sports for betting and tipping are football, golf, tennis, horse racing and basketball. This article examines the market for free betting tips and subscription services across these five sports. It is fair to say it’s a question of the good, the bad and the ugly when it comes to tips.

The best tips create a positive return on investment and a decent strike rate. Some experts issue big priced selections which require a low strike rate to make a profit. Other tipster focus on the favorites, which means most must win to generate a profit. A staking plan is a good service to offer when issuing sports betting tips. Money management and discipline are vital when bettors follow tips. Subscribers can pay a weekly, monthly, quarterly or annual fee to receive tips which are usually delivered each morning before 10am. The best tipster will provide free betting tips to prove that they can be profitable. The proofing process should go on for at least three months to show that the tips can make money over time.

Free Betting Tips

There is a saying in Economics that there is no such thing as a free lunch. That means everything has a price even if on the surface, it appears to be free. However, in the field of sports betting, some are services and websites deliver free betting tips. It may be that they are an example of another Economics term, which is the loss leader. The aim is to attract customers with offers who then move to high priced products.

Supermarkets may almost give away a loaf of bread to entice customers into the store. They now have a captive audience who could spend money on other items. The same theory applies to free betting tips. If they are successful and make money, sports bettors are then more likely to pay for tips that have a cost. However, subscribers are fickle, and a tipster is only as good as the last betting tips.

Television companies show preview shows for sporting events. The pundits put forward opinions about teams and players. The information is not provided for betting purposes, but it is useful in making betting decisions. If an expert feels strongly about the outcome of a sporting event the analysis is useful and is akin to free  for the most popular betting sports. BettingGods issues paid and free betting tips.

Football Betting Tips

Football is the most popular sport in the world for television viewing and betting. The level of interest generates a need for winning football betting tips. The demand is even greater for the match of the day, which is often shown live on television. Live coverage increases betting interest and the desire for winning football betting tips. There are often many big matches during today’s football, and these are the ones that create an interest in profitable football betting tips. Some of the best betting tips today can be found on tipping websites, such as BettingGods. This site is a good source of winning football tips. Hence, the selections are proofed, and readers can examine the full history of the service to judge on the value of the tips.

The following three competitions are the most popular for football betting and hence betting tips today:

English Premier League

The Premier League in England generates the most bets. That interest equates to the need for free betting tips and football betting tips. Online bookmakers display the match odds with a link to many additional markets. The most popular options are the match-winner, handicaps and totals in Premier League fixtures. So these markets create the biggest need for football betting tips.

Champions League

The Champions League brings together the best teams from the domestic leagues in Europe. The leagues in England, Germany, Spain, Italy and France have the most representatives in the competition. Three countries account for the most interest in Champions League football betting tips. The match of the day is shown all around the world which means there is a global interest in football betting tips.

World Cup

The soccer World Cup is played every four years. During the summers when the tournament takes place there is more football betting. Matches are shown live on terrestrial television at betting friendly times. There is a huge amount of press coverage, which respond to the needs of the public. So, the level of betting interest has fostered the need for free betting tips and football tips.

Golf Betting Tips

The most sought after tips today are for football matches, but there is also a great deal of golf. The sport gets extensive live television coverage and items in the national newspapers. Golf tournaments generally take place over four rounds and 72 holes. So, there is a great deal of time to watch players that a bettor has backed which may have happened with reference to golf betting tips.

The Major Championships

The major championships are the most important events in golf. There are four each year from April to July, mainly played on courses in rotation. Course form is an important part of betting on golf. Pundits examine the course form of players when creating a list of golf betting tips. The four major championships are the US Masters in April, the USPGA in May, the US Open in June and the Open Championship in July. During these weeks there is a spike in the demand for golf betting tips. The two main golf tours are the USPGA and European Tours. There are also tournaments for ladies and seniors who don’t require as many tips.

Ryder Cup

The Ryder Cup is the matchplay team tournament between players from Europe and the United States. It is played every two years in rotation so each team hosts the event every four years. It is the biggest thing in the sport, so it’s not surprising there is always a huge demand for profitable golf betting tips. There are 12 players in each team who play in pairs and as individuals. There are 28 points to play for so the team that wins 14.5 points win the Ryder Cup. Golf betting tips help bettors predict the outcome. Customers can also bet on the leading scorer for each team and the overall leading scorer. So, these markets offer decent odds so bettors look for the best golf betting tips.

Tennis Betting Tips

Tennis is the second most bet on the sport after football. It is particularly popular for live betting. There are fluctuations in the scoring and odds. At different times during a match, both players can be the favourite and underdog. Tennis betting has grown in the last 15 years which has led to more interested in tennis tips, both for pre-match and in-play betting. The most popular markets are the match-winner, handicaps and totals which generate the most interest in tennis betting tips. There is even more demand for winning tennis tips when thee is a big match of the day.

As in golf, there are four major championships in tennis, which are known as Grand Slam tournaments. The four majors are the Australian Open in January, French Open in late May and early June, Wimbledon during the first two weeks in July and the US Open at the end of August and the start of September. The majors involve the best 128 players in the world, both in men’s and ladies’ tennis. Matches are shown live in television, and the coverage leads to more interest in tennis betting tips. The most popular betting markets are the match winner, handicap and totals.

Horse Betting Tips

Horse racing is the core betting sport in betting offices n the UK. That interest has been replicated online to some extent, but football attracts more bets. Even so, horse racing is a popular betting sport in some parts of the world, and that creates the need for winning horse betting tips. The national newspapers and racing Press issue horse betting tips each day. Some websites publish free betting tips for horse racing. In the major racing jurisdictions, there are two main types of racing described below.

Flat Racing

Flat racing as the name suggests involves horse racing without jumping obstacles. The race distances range from five furlongs to over two miles. In the UK, the most prestigious Flat races, popular for betting tips today, are the five Classics listed below:

  • 2,000 Guineas at Newmarket in May.
  • 1,000 Guineas at Newmarket in May.
  • Oaks at Epsom in June.
  • Derby at Epsom in June.
  • St Leger at Doncaster in September.

These races are live on terrestrial television and generate demand for profitable horse betting tips. The other major meetings are Royal Ascot in June, Glorious Goodwood in late July and early August and the Ebor Meeting at York in August. During these festivals, the interest in successful horse betting tips increases. There is also more interest in free betting tips and horse tips for the major international races and festivals, such as the Prix de l’Arc de Triomphe and Breeders’ Cup.

Jumps Racing

In jumps racing, horses clear obstacles during the course of a race. The race distances range from two miles to over four miles. There are two types of obstacles: hurdles and fences. There is plenty of coverage of jumps racing on television, so the discipline creates an interest in horse betting tips. The tipster often suggests a staking plan which determines the amount bet on each horse. Some staking plans suggest level stakes and other recommended adjusted staking depending on the results.

The biggest jumps meeting of the season in the UK is the Cheltenham Festival. This takes place over four days in the third week in March. There are 28 races made up of championship races and competitive handicaps. Winning Cheltenham Festival horse betting tips are in great demand because it is the meeting that matters most. Horse betting tips are needed most for the four championship races: Champion Hurdle, Champion Chase, Stayers; Hurdle and Gold Cup.

The most bet on standalone jumps race is the Grand National which takes place at Aintree near Liverpool in April. There is usually a three-week gap between Cheltenham and Aintree, so horse cab run at both meetings. The Grand National generates by far the highest turnover of a race in the UK. The race attracts once a year bettors who generally don’t bet on racing. The betting interest and media coverage generate the desire to identify decent horse betting tips.

NBA Betting Tips

Basketball is a popular betting sport in mainland Europe but not so much in the UK. Most European countries have a domestic league. Teams also compete in the Euroleague which is the equivalent of the Champions League in football. However, the most prestigious basketball competition is the NBA in the United States. The league attracts the best players and coaches. The teams can pay the highest wages and recruit the best young talent. Fans love to follow NBA betting tips.

Bookmakers display the two-way match winner market for each NBA fixture. The odds include overtime to prevent a tie and refunded stakes. The most popular basketball betting markets are the match-winner, handicaps and totals. These markets create demand for NBA tips. Customers can also bet on player specials, involving attacking and defending. Exotic markets provide the potential for a decent win for a small stake, Player propositions are amongst the most popular NBA betting tips and there are many free and subscription-based services.

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