PwC Malta

PwC Malta is the largest firm of auditors and accountants in Malta. It helps individuals and companies to create the value they’re looking to achieve. The firm is a member of the PwC network of firms that consists of over 250,000 people at offices in more than 158 countries.

The firm is committed to quality above all when it comes to advisory and tax services. The wide range of services includes human resources, auditing as well as business performance improvement. Principle areas include crisis management and tax services.

Casino Services

A huge number of remote casinos favours Malta and in the past few years, the MGA granted well over 400 licenses. It is one of the fastest-growing and PwC recognises the importance of supporting a good balance to protect players. This also includes the protection of vulnerable groups in the area.

As the largest service on the island, PwC offers support and advice to a huge number of casinos. The number of gaming providers making the island their new home increases all the time. The benefits by the MGA includes lower taxes, fees and low costs for licensing application. PwC assists the MGA via its expertise which includes financial audits, tax advice, and licensing support. Services include audits, analysis, and other compliance services.

Value of PwC Malta Services

PwC Malta offers services to a wide range of businesses and helps these reach their goals via smarter work ethics. The firm believes that success is built on value and trust. The service package includes a three-year business plan, which includes a payment system, licensing fees, gaming tax services, and analysis.

Malta is the best place for casino gaming and PwC helps operators setting up anti-money laundering systems. Obtaining a licence and enhancing employee performance to ultimately offer the best player services. This includes gaming training and enhancing rewards to employees. The company also assists casinos obtaining remote Class 1, 2,3 or 4 licences.

The benefit of such services includes quality audits and business advisory. Value is trust, the trust you have in your systems, strategies, people and your services. The firm believes trust is the main ingredient in quality relationships. It assists casinos to do everything possible to achieve a great relationship through mutual trust with its players.