NMi Metrology

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NMi is a firm most respected by casino regulators across the world. It earns this respect for its know-how in helping operators meet the certification needs. NMi Metrology operates from offices in Netherlands, Italy, the United States, and the United Kingdom.

When you go back in history, you’ll find the activities by NMi starts in 1970 when it was one of the first to certify roulette wheels. Since then the services grew to include virtual and on-land casinos around the globe. It is one of the companies that earn the highest respect from land-based operators. In 2007 the firm expands to include online casinos and within record time, they also earn the same respect from online operators.

NMi Knows Metrology

NMi, origins go back to the Middle Ages, when it starts to promote fairness and became a company called the Nederlands Meet Institution. This dates back to 1989 when the firm starts promoting fairness in trade. NMi Metrology test report correctness is not only accepted worldwide its knowledge and certifications are incredibly valuable.

World-famous operators choose NMi to test their casino games, it is one of the most favourable ways to meet the standards set by the UKGC. One of the biggest bookmakers, William Hill recently asked the testing house to check that all its products meet the standards.

Online casinos and bookmakers favour the company not only for its knowledge and correctness by also its professionalism. It is the firm of choice for any operator that wishes to achieve their goals. The testing house offers unmatched quality in all its work.

Online Casino Auditing

Acquired by GLI in 2017, NMi is experts in the field of auditing the casino industry. The firm specialises in IT security and compliance testing. It works across all sectors in the casino industry and by joining forces with GLI it could expand its reach. In 2017 the company was already involved in testing and auditing services for labs located in Canada, Italy, Spain, and the UK.

The main reason why online casinos want to align with the testing house is that they work together with the operator as well as the government to achieve the highest standards. Any NMi approved casino is bound to offer you games that pass the strictest and most accurate tests. Its pledge to exactness speaks volumes and its logo guarantees that you can trust the casino to have your best interests at heart.