Gaming Labs International

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Shortened as GLI, Gaming Labs International launched in 1989 and since then have certified over 1,757,470 items. It has also tested equipment for well over 475 different jurisdictions. The only way online casinos have in terms of telling or ensuring players that their games are fair are the reports from testing labs. Passing the rigorous testing shows that games are up to the set standards and that outcomes are random.

It means that the casino cannot influence the results, this guarantees that the games are RNG and fair. GLI subject games to randomness testing and when the outcome falls within the accepted guideline, it receives the fair and RNG stamp of approval. The lab is pretty much on the shortlist of all online casinos due to its effective services.

Fair and RNG tests are not only performed on new game releases to ensure it is player ready. The software at GLI approved casinos are regularly subjected to tests and each certificate shows the test date as well as the results.

Gaming Labs International (GLI) Certified Casinos

The best way to identify a GLI certified casinos is by the stamp of approval displayed on the home page. Every online casino strives to achieve certification and is more than eager to show off the GLI logo. At most online casinos the logo offers a link to the certificate, which displays the testing date.

Online casinos are not the only ones benefitting from GLI certification, all the best software developers use the lab. One of the major online game suppliers, Playtech favours GLI and knows the value of GLI endorsement. Savvy players are well aware of the benefit of GLI approved games and know, they can have faith in fair gaming.

Online casinos using GLI software developers are quite a hit with players. Especially those who won’t settle for anything less than a fair and safe online experience. After many years in the industry, the GLI logo is a sign of quality that assures players that they are in good hands.