Accumulator (Acca) betting is popular because it provides the potential for a significant win from a small stake. Football is the most popular betting sport online so the football betting accumulator is one of the most popular bets. The interest in the accumulator bet for football creates a demand for profitable football accumulator tips.

Bettors can use betting tools as an accumulator generator and calculator. Two of the most popular betting tools are examined, and the article features an OddsMonkey v Profit Accumulator comparison. The Acca is based on combining and multiplying odds across many betting sports. This includes football and horse racing.

What is an accumulator bet?

The mechanics of the accumulator (acca) involve multiplying odds for a number of selections. Bettors can place bets in singles, doubles and trebles. Any bet that has four or more selections is an acca bet. It is generally a one-line bet, which is a loser if one or more selections does not win. The odds are multiplied to calculate the return. For example, if a €/$/£10 acca bet contains winning selections at Evens, 2/1, 5/1 and 10/1, the manual calculator works as follows:

(2 x 3 x 6 x 11) -1 * 10 = €/$/£3950

One unit is added to the odds to include the stake. All four selections in an acca bet must win for a winning bet. Bookmakers accept the acca across betting sports with four to 15 selections.

Bookmakers offer promotions related to the acca bet. If one selection does not win the bookmaker returns the stake in the form of a free bet. If a customer has a winning acca, some bookmakers offer enhanced odds. A betting calculator and accumulator calculator are useful in working out the returns from a winning bet. There are a number of betting tools operators. Later in the article, there is an OddsMonkey vs Profit Accumulator comparison.

Football Accumulator

The football betting accumulator is one of the most popular sports bet in the betting industry. Football generates more than half of all sports bets. It is a global sport that receives extensive media coverage. Many matches are shown live on television. The most bet on leagues in the world are the Premier League in England and the Champions League. Every four years, the World Cup generates a great deal of betting interest. Millions of football fans all around the globe enhance the experience of watching football with a football betting accumulator. The bet contains four teams or more who all must win their matches for a winning bet. The teams are not combined in permutations but one bet. A betting calculator reduces the potential errors when calculating the returns from a bet.

The football acca can be placed across leagues and combine different markets. For example, the bet could contain one team to win, others to score first and even the correct score. Bookmakers settle the bet at combined odds as long as none of the outcomes are related. However, bookmakers will not accept an accumulator bet which contains the match winner and the team to score the first goal. The team that scores the first goal has a great chance of winning a match. Bookmakers allow customers to build their own bets. A customised bet may include both these outcomes. However, the odds are adjusted downwards accordingly.

Horse Racing Accumulator

The horse racing acca is another popular betting option with online customers. The bet combines selections in four or more races. All must win or make the payout places for a winning bet. The horse racing acca bet can be win or each way. The calculation for each way bets depends on the type of race and number of runners. Bookmakers settle bets at a proportion of the win odds and for a number of places. Bettors multiply the win and place odds to arrive at the return from a horse racing accumulator bet. Betting tools such as Profit Accumulator are useful when calculating the return from a horse racing acca bet.

Other Sports

The acca bet is popular across many betting sports. In fact, the bet can combine outcomes from several sports in one multiple. Tennis is the second most popular sport with most online bookmakers. Operators issued match winner odds for many tournaments, in the men’s and women’s game. Golf is another sport which lends itself to the acca. Hence, a bettor can combine four or more players to outscore their opponents over 18 and 72 holes. Cricket, snooker and darts generate many examples of the accumulator bet. The calculation for all sports involves multiplying the odds. All the selections must win for a successful acca. An accumulator calculator works out the returns from a sports accumulator bet.

Football Accumulator Tips

The widespread interest in the football betting accumulator creates demand for profitable football accumulator tips. Bettors can combine four teams or more in an accumulator bet. Football betting is unpredictable because in many matches the three possible outcomes are predictable. The match winner market is a three-way (Home Win, Draw, Away Win). At the start of the season, results can go against the form. So, football bettors can make their own selections. However, many prefer to refer to football accumulator tips which offer varying degrees of success.

There are many experts who are trying to promote football accumulator tips. There are free and managed subscription services online. However, the individual selects the service based on the number of tips and the strike rate. By the very nature of the bet, the football acca has a small strike rate because the returns from one winning bet are substantial. The best football accumulator tips produce a consistent profit over a sustained period of time. Every managed service has losing runs, so some sort of proofing history is useful. Bettors should investigate a number of services before investing in football accumulator tips.

Betting Tools

The acca bet has one line or combination of selections. Calculating the return from a successful bet is straightforward for a win acca. The calculation multiplies the odds and then the stake to find the return. The bet calculation can be more complex for each way bets. Bookmakers must consider the place odds and number of places when settling bets. In the past bookmakers settled bets manually using a physical calculator. There are now a number of betting tools which aid this process and eliminate some human error. However, bet settlers must enter the correct information to arrive at the return. The following betting tools calculate the profit from the acca bet.

Betting Calculator

The betting calculator is a useful tool for calculating the returns from a winning bet. It can help work out the returns from complex horse racing bets. The user enters the odds and place terms and specifies the type of bet. A betting calculator saves a great deal of time when the bet is a system bet. This type of bet combines selections in permutations. When the bets are all win only and the odds are whole numbers, the manual calculation is not too difficult. However, a betting calculator comes into its own when there are place terms to consider, a dead heat or a Rule 4 Deduction. These factors all affect the return, and the betting calculator simplifies the process.

Accumulator Calculator

A calculator is an important element of any suite of betting tools. Bettors use the tool to settle win and each way bets and must allow for dead heats and Rule 4 Deductions. An accumulator calculator is a good tool for working out the return from a winning horse racing bet. However, the calculator also saves time when the bet is a football betting accumulator. Bookmakers use this tool to calculate the return when the acca bet combines players in tennis matches and golf rounds. Win bets are easy to work out. However, each way bets with various place terms are more difficult. This is when the calculator comes into its own.

Accumulator Generator

The acca bet can be complex because there are more than four selections in the bet. Bettors can back horses or teams in singles, doubles and trebles. When there are more options, the bet is an accumulator bet. Bettors can make their own selections or purchase tips. Football accumulator tips are very popular, and the best ones are in great demand. This process can involve the use of an accumulator generator. This tool provides a step-by-step guide to making guaranteed cash from bookmaker acca. It highlights the offers and the teams that generate the most profit.

The accumulator generator is most popular for the Premier League in England, the Champions League and the World Cup. The generator complements a betting calculator in the process of selecting teams and working out the returns from a winning bet. Bookmakers offer enhanced odds and insurance against one loser for customers who like the acca bet. The bet is a good option for bettors who like to bet on football, horse racing tennis, golf and several other sports. The accumulator generator reduces the work when enjoying the benefits of acca offers.

Betting Tools Operators

The use of free bets to make money from matched betting has led to the growth of betting tolls suppliers. These are online resources that provide matched betting guides and highlight the best use of an acca generator. The matched betting process began a few years ago, and there are many guides available for new and experienced matched bettors. So, these resources now offer a betting calculator and accumulator calculator. There are many betting tools on the market, but two of the leading providers are OddsMonkey and Profit Accumulator.

Profit Accumulator

Profit Accumulator is a website that provides training and guidance in the area of matched betting. It is one of the most established and trusted providers of betting tools in the industry. Matched betting is the process by which customers can use bookmaker free bets to make money with little risk. Profit Accumulator provides all the tools to maximise these opportunities for many free bet offers and bonuses. So, the software calculates the bet and lay bet stake to make the most money.

The site also features a betting calculator that works out the returns from simple single bets and the more complex such as the acca. Profit Accumulator instructs readers in the process of placing back and lay bets to make money regardless of the outcome. So, the generator is an important element of the service. An excellent betting calculator provides a decent method of working out returns from a winning multiple bets. Profit Accumulator is a market leader.


OddsMonkey appeared on the market after the Profit Accumulator and provides an excellent service. The heart of the site is a guide to matched betting. The process involves highlighting matched betting opportunities. These might involve acca insurance and enhanced odds that bookmakers offer to customers who place an acca bet. The site features an easy-to-use calculator which informs the customers the bet and lay stake to ensure the most profit.

OddsMonkey also features a betting calculator which is useful for football, horse racing, and other sports accumulators. The feature takes on board the odds and place terms. The betting calculator takes into account a dead heat of Rule 4 Deduction in horse racing. The tool works out each way bets based on the place terms. The OddsMonkey betting calculator is most useful when calculating the returns from complex system bets which contain a number of permutations.

OddsMonkey vs Profit Accumulator

The OddsMonkey vs Profit Accumulator comparison has discovered two similar services. Profit Accumulator is more established and offers more experience, but the betting tools with OddsMonkey are effective and save time. In terms of features, there is little to choose between the two providers. The conclusion from the OddsMonkey vs Profit Accumulator process is that both services are useful and work well.

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